The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
M5G 1M1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 661 University Ave, Suite 505

Company Overview

About CIFAR:

CIFAR’s core purpose is to create knowledge that enriches human life and leads to a better future for Canada and the world. Since 1982, CIFAR has been connecting the world’s best minds through interdisciplinary research programs to tackle difficult and important questions of global significance. By helping innovative pioneers push further, and inspiring young research leaders to join them, CIFAR is able to expand the boundaries of understanding in ways that would otherwise not be possible.


Based at 138 universities and research centres around the world, CIFAR’s 400 fellows, scholars and advisors are among the most highly cited and honoured researchers in the world. As many as 18 Nobel Laureates have been associated with CIFAR since its inception, including the most recent recipient, Arthur B. McDonald, associate fellow in CIFAR’s program in Cosmology & Gravity, recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.


The work of CIFAR’s fellows and advisors has transformed our understanding of population health, the Earth’s evolution, early brain development, artificial intelligence, the effect of institutions on prosperity, and much more.


CIFAR is generously supported by the governments of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, Canadian and international partners, as well as individuals, foundations and corporations. The primary responsibility of each individual is to contribute to the success of the organization as it carries out its mandate. Given its dynamic nature, individual employees must be flexible and responsive to the shifting priorities and challenges at any given time. Within this context, outlined below is the core purpose of this position and, as an illustration, examples of major responsibilities.